Adonai Acres has been a dream of ours for years. This 16 acre farm keeps us busy. Our days are filled caring for everyone.

Our Flocks have been PT tested and certified!

American Bresse Chicken

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EGGS: American Bresse chickens are excellent egg-layers. They are likely to start laying eggs by week 17, and they lay close to an egg a day through spring, summer, and autumn. Many American Bresse chickens lay 250 eggs per year, or more.

MEAT: American Bresse chickens are also fast growing meat birds. They grow faster than the usual dual purpose breeds such as Rhode Island Red or Plymouth Rock.
FLAVOR: Additionally, American Bresse have the same unique meat quality and intense flavor that French Bresse chickens are known for. They are described as the "most delicious chicken in France" due to the fat-marbled meat sought after by renowned chefs. And they command a commensurate price in French markets. 
Bresse chickens are red, white and blue
Roosters have large, shockingly red single combs and wattles contrasting sharply with their all-white feathers. The legs provide the blue, ranging in color from quite bluish to a darker steel gray.



The Legbar is an auto-sexing chicken breed.

The Legbar arose from cross-breeding of Plymouth Rock birds and Leghorns.They were bred so that chicks would have sex-linked plumage differences that could easily be distinguished. Hens produce up to 180 blue eggs or more per year.

We raise Crele and Isabella Crele. The Crele Legbar rooster will be more richly coloured than the Cream Legbar rooster. The Golden Crele Legbar hen will have a warmer brown body color and deeper salmon chest color than the Cream Legbar hens.