Sebastopol Geese

Adonai Acres has been a dream of ours for years. This 16 acre farm keeps us busy. Our days are filled caring for everyone.

The Sebastopol is a breed of domestic goose, descended from the European Greylag goose. First exhibited in England in 1860 under the name 'Sebastopol goose'; they were also referred to as Danubian geese; a name first used for the breed in Ireland in 1863.

The Sebastopol goose is a medium sized breed with long, curly feathers. It is easily identified by these distinctive feathers. These birds are unable to fly so they do need to be in a secure enclosure or environment.

The Sebastopol goose is a very beautiful breed. These birds have a quiet and pleasant disposition and very good for using as a show bird and also good for raising as pets.

We spent a few years researching, looking for a breed that we felt would work well on the farm. We decided the Sebbie would be the right fit for us.

We hand picked our first two sebbies as two day old chicks. Raising them was fun. we learned so much about the breed and fell in love. Once our babies were a year old we decided to add a few additional birds to the flock. We were blessed enough to meet up with Annette Roundtree where we obtained a trio from her lines. In 2024 we added another pair of Sebbies from Annette Rountree.

We do hatch Sebastopol eggs in the Spring.